Development Process In Depth

The following document contains step-by-step insight on the development process.

Part 1: The idea

Step 1: Game Universe (GameVerse)

-The initial motivation for this game consisted in having single or teamed-up warriors with somewhat supernatural powers, which would define the core mechanics. Things such as running on every solid surface, regardless of angle (provided by the engine's core), double jumps, fantastic special attacks, size advantages and disadvantages, skill classes, magic tricks and more.

-We needed a world setting so we could shape our warriors to look like they belong there, so we chose a fantasy world largely mocking the pre 1900's Japan. This choice was based on tales about the superhuman abilities of ninja warriors and also of some well known samurai, and on myths from the Far East and a bit from around the world.

-In this world, the Protagonist's village sits in an isolated island called Ooshima. The island is largely composed of wilderness, cliffs, and a large river flowing across, called Hokusaki river. The village has 4 great resources that make it self sufficient: bamboo, stone, a river and an overall fertile soil in which cultures thrive year after year.

-The isolation factors greatly in the story because it turns the island in a strategic base in case of war. High altitude, Self sufficiency, and control over a water stream where war ships can dock and be deployed.

-The currency has no name, and is measured in bronze, silver, and gold coins. Items valued over one gold coin have their value measured in gold coins.

-There is one sovereign ruler of all the Eastern Lands, the Emperor, Koshiro the 2nd. His mysterious death at some point in the game will unfold the story.

-NPCs abound and come in two types: procedural and unique. Procedurals follow an algorithm to choose the sprites and the amount of NPCs spawned in a set point, and only emote, as they have no dialog. Uniques are custom built from art to code, and they all have dialogs, some give you quests, and others become team mates.

-The people of Ooshima usually get the news about the rest of the world very late, because of their isolated location. This factors for surprise plot twists based on lack of information or even misinformation.

Appendix A

Notice there is a close relation between the real world and this fantastic GameVerse:

-Isolationism can relate to the bunker culture that some politics promote. The idea of a self sufficient or isolated state that doesn't really need nobody else, and actually, doesn't care about anybody else.

-Even though Hirogawa has a Feudal Lord (Daimiyo), all Eastern Lands respond to the rule of the Emperor. Much like a State Governor would respond to the President of the U.S.

-The death of the Emperor symbolizes the fall of the regime, upon which a civil war starts, because the already powerful Feudal Lords want more power by conquering more lands, and drag their armies (their people, in fact!) into this war for their own profit. Similar to the present use of armed forces by some nations of the world, who are already powerful on their own and prefer using it on having it expanded rather than in helping their own people.

-Great deeds will always look superhuman from the average Joe's point of view, so the supernatural abilities are symbols of great willpower that allows great deeds (Aside from being part of the mechanics).

-The currency is unique in all the GameVerse, similar to what already happens in the Euro zone, and is rumored to happen globally in a near future. So far this relation does not affect the story, and makes gameplay a bit easier.

-Random people you find in the game "talk" as generically as random people IRL. But key people will always have something to tell you.